The Bee Tree

I was walking past my Peegee Hydrangia bush, which had grown to a very large size, and heard a distict buzzing noise. It was as though the entire bush was ready to ‘take off’. The humming was very loud. I looked at the flowers and noticed that upon each one were a variety of bees, hornets and wasps. I had never seen so many in one place. Every day I check back and there are hundreds of bees swarming the ‘bee tree’. We even saw the elusive honey bee. Oh, how happy that made me. The varieties were too numerous to count.

The Bee Tree (Peegee Hydrangia)
swarming with bees.

I don’t use pesticides in the yard so we have a lot of very interesting bugs, amphibians and birds. I also noticed a huge amount of toads and frogs in the yard this year. I love seeing the variety of critters that can thrive when the environment is inviting. Ours is a very friendly house for all the critters.


Tree Bargains—Planting for the Future

Every year we buy bare root trees from Dakota County, MN and plant them everywhere we think a tree should be. There is a wide selection of trees and shrubs and they are about $30 per bundle. Everything from pines, spruces and cedar to maples, oak and walnut.

The tree planting program was started many years ago to promote conservation and help folks create a more beautiful, healthy and ecologically balanced environment, the SWCD’s Tree Program is considered by many to be a true community service. Many of the county’s shelterbelts, farmstead and field windbreaks, wildlife habitat, and reforestation have been started as a result of this program. In more recent years, housing developments, community beautification projects, and boulevard plantings have been added to the list of uses under the tree and shrub program.

You can fill in a simple tree order form, and send it in by April 1. You will be notified when the trees come in. Happy planting!

Check with your local county to see if they have a program for people to buy trees at bargain basement prices. It’s well worth the small investment.