The Bee Tree

I was walking past my Peegee Hydrangia bush, which had grown to a very large size, and heard a distict buzzing noise. It was as though the entire bush was ready to ‘take off’. The humming was very loud. I looked at the flowers and noticed that upon each one were a variety of bees, hornets and wasps. I had never seen so many in one place. Every day I check back and there are hundreds of bees swarming the ‘bee tree’. We even saw the elusive honey bee. Oh, how happy that made me. The varieties were too numerous to count.

The Bee Tree (Peegee Hydrangia)
swarming with bees.

I don’t use pesticides in the yard so we have a lot of very interesting bugs, amphibians and birds. I also noticed a huge amount of toads and frogs in the yard this year. I love seeing the variety of critters that can thrive when the environment is inviting. Ours is a very friendly house for all the critters.


Monarch Butterfly Emerges

I saw several monarch butterflies alight upon my swamp milkweek.

Monarch Butterfly on Swamp Milkweed

The Swallows on the front porch

The Barn Swallows built a nest on the front porch this year. They built their nest out of mud and lined it with some some soft material. It was not built on a ledge, rather, it came straight out from the stucco – an amazing feat of engineering. I put a potty box underneath to catch all the dropping. The birds seemed very upset for a few days and I noticed that one of the babies had died. Buzz removed it from the nest. They seem fine now and almost ready to fly.

3 baby swallows in nest

3 baby swallows in nest

Momma Swallow checks on babies

Momma Swallow checks on babies

Baby Swallow in nest

Baby Swallow ready to fly the coop

The Wise Old Talking Tree

We were hiking up Oberg Mountain in Northern MN and stumbled upon this ancient talking tree. He is the wisest tree on earth and will answer any and all questions.

Trash Pickup – April 27 – 10am

Buzz and I are going to pick up trash around the entire loop next Sunday. I did it one year and it really makes a difference. There is a lot of trash on the side of the road. Would you want to come with us? Do you know anyone who hates litter who would be interested in helping?

Basically, we would just walk around the loop and then come back for the bags.

If anyone is interested, please meet us at 10 am at 170th (dirt Rd by Donna Greens) with a couple large garbage bags.

I’m thinking it would be important to wear gloves and pants in case of poison ivy.

The Marsupial sees his shadow

Every year, we know Spring has come when Momar, the Marsupial, makes his first appearance. He slowly made his way up to the feeder and ate the seeds on the ground. Possums are very slow moving and can’t seem to run. The way they react to danger is to feign death by ‘playing possum’. Possums (short for opossum) are built for comfort – not speed.

Opossums have claws on all fingers fore and hind except on the two thumbs.

Possum foot

I noticed that Momar had a tattered ear and wondered with whom he had had an altercation. He didn’t seem any worse for the wear.Possum with torn ear

A few days later, Momar was in a life and death situation. Two black labs were making their way over from the pond as Momar slowly made his way down the path. I flew into action, ran down the stairs and out the back door. At that point, Momar was already ‘playing possum’ as the lab was heading right towards him. I screamed at the dogs and they were startled and ran away.

A minute later, Momar started his slow journey again. I watched until he disappeared into the horizon.