9 bags of trash, a ladder, a shovel and a shoe

Trash pick up around the loop was successful as far as garbage collection goes. Our neighbor, Denise Webber and her son Michael, a 7th grader, showed up to help. That was 2 more than Buzz and I were counting on.

It took almost 2 hours to walk a 2 mile loop. We picked up everything in sight. Thank goodness Denise is very meticulous. She even stopped to pick up tiny pieces of glass on the sidewalk. She and her son were both tireless workers. I found it amazing that people throw out everything from beer bottles to food wrappers to old tires without a care in the world.

Thank you Denise and Michael for your help. You are both great!


Trash Pickup – April 27 – 10am

Buzz and I are going to pick up trash around the entire loop next Sunday. I did it one year and it really makes a difference. There is a lot of trash on the side of the road. Would you want to come with us? Do you know anyone who hates litter who would be interested in helping?

Basically, we would just walk around the loop and then come back for the bags.

If anyone is interested, please meet us at 10 am at 170th (dirt Rd by Donna Greens) with a couple large garbage bags.

I’m thinking it would be important to wear gloves and pants in case of poison ivy.