The Cast of Characters

About 3 years ago, I started taking photos of the critters we have running around in the yard. It is fun to see how wild animals respond to people. Some are not phased at all and don’t flinch a feather or paw when humans are close by. It is as if we are all living in perfect harmony.

To start the new year off, here is an introduction to one of the regulars.

The Squirrels – Pinky and her baby Winky.
One day I saw Pinky moving her babies into the brand new woodpecker house. They really liked their new digs.

Squirrel in woodpecker house.

Baby Squirrel in woodpecker house.

The squirrels in the yard are numerous and provide hours of amusement with their antics and gymnastic feats. We have had some incredible jumpers who we have dubbed Rocky and Waldo. My husband is constantly trying to outwit them by strategically moving bird feeders around and as he says, “The squirrel always gets the last laugh.”


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for that fun perspective! I, on the other hand, am continually frustrated by the many -very HEALTHY squirrels in my yard. They are forever at the feeders and stay to eat the food until there is NONE for the birds!!! Ugh!! I have four fat squirrles over here. I don’t name them but I am sure that my dog Juneau has a name for each of them as he has lots of fun chasing them up the trees. I think the squirrels know very well that he wears a shock coller because they always seem to run just out of his reach. I also have a very faithful chickadee that continually checks the feeders until I finally refill them, more often out of “catholic guilt” than anything else!!! I have heard you can tame these little guys and get them feeding out of your hand with some patience and perserverence and once all my little angels are out of the house I intend to try this!

  2. Yes, I do believe those squirrels know about Juno’s limitations. They are very clever indeed. We saw one carry an entire loaf of bread up into a spruce tree and hide it from the others. He was like Hercules. They also leap 2 stories off the back of our house – fly through the air – and land in the snow when they see us enter the kitchen (as they are eating all the food in the dangling feeders).

    They say cockroaches will be the only thing alive after a nuclear war…my bet is on the squirrel.

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